For quality and service

Mondial 2000 Inc (M2K) is the most complete industrial hardware store in Quebec specializing in the sale and distribution of hardware items for all industrial fields.
Our team is able to advise you through the tens of thousands of products available in store and on special order.
Our products are always of high quality to meet the most demanding needs of workers in the industrial sectors.

Who We Serve

Our customers work in many fields such as heavy mechanics, excavation, ore extraction, construction, road transport and others. We also count among our clients cities, organizations as well as provincial and federal departments. As for our service counter, it serves a multitude of individuals looking for specific products that would otherwise be impossible to find in large stores.

All of our clients have in common the search for quality products that are available quickly.

Our mission

To offer outstanding service and quality products to meet the demanding needs of workers in the industrial sectors.